The Black ASL Project

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The Black ASL Project is a language project which aims to describe the linguistic features of a variety of American Sign Language (ASL) used by African American signers and usually known as Black ASL.  The project is sponsored by Gallaudet University’s Department of Linguistics and Department of ASL and Deaf Studies and is supported in part by the Spencer Foundation and the National Science Foundation Project # BCS-0813736.

To view the project’s description as it appears in the NSF proposal, click HERE.

We are especially interested in recollections of your experience in schools for Black Deaf children or those of your relatives. Feel free also to send us photos to add to the website as well as links to web videos such as those on YouTube. 

Black ASL project team members, back row from left to right: Pamela Baldwin, Joseph Hill, 
Roxanne Dummett, Carolyn McCaskill, front row Mary Herring Wright (interviewee) and Ceil Lucas

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